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Online course Phishing

Interactive E-Learning Courses: Phishing, Spear-Phishing, and Ransomware

In the digital era, the security of our data is of utmost importance. Cyber attacks, especially phishing, spear-phishing, and ransomware, have increased exponentially in recent years. Recognizing and avoiding these threats requires comprehensive knowledge and constant vigilance.

Why is this training important?

Growing threats: Phishing attempts have doubled since 2020. Thousands of attacks are launched daily, many of which are successful. Targeted attacks: Spear-phishing is especially dangerous because it is targeted and tailored. Often large companies and individuals are the targets of these attacks. High costs: Ransomware attacks can cost companies millions, not just in ransom, but also in lost business, reputation damage, and potential legal consequences.

Our E-Learning Courses Offer:

Interactive modules: Our courses are designed to actively involve users. Through simulations of real phishing emails and websites, users can experience threats in a safe environment and learn to protect themselves. Expertise: Each module is created by experts and regularly updated to ensure the latest threats and protective measures are covered. Quizzes and certification: Test your knowledge after each module with quizzes. Certificates: Upon completion of the course, users receive a certificate confirming their competency in cybersecurity. Mobile learning: Our courses are optimized for all devices, allowing you to learn anytime, anywhere.

Course Contents

Introduction to Phishing: Learn what phishing is, which techniques are used, and how to recognize fake emails and websites. Understanding Spear-Phishing: Learn how targeted attacks work and how to protect yourself and your company. Ransomware – A Digital Hostage Crisis: Discover how ransomware works, what types there are, and how to prevent or respond to an attack.


In a digital world where threats are constantly growing, being well-informed is essential. Our interactive e-learning courses offer not only valuable information but also practical experiences that help you navigate the real world safely. Protect yourself, your company, and your loved ones through education and awareness. Register today!

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Content online course Phishing

Attacks via e-mail (Phishing) | What is phishing and what is the purpose of the attackers? | Who is the target? | Types of phishing | Spear phishing | Whaling | Dynamite phishing | CEO scam | How to detect phishing and how to behave? | Ransomware | Blackmailing by e-mail | Attacks by phone (vishing) | Attacks by SMS or messenger service (smishing) | Checklists | Identification features of phishing e-mails | Correct handling of e-mails Behaviour in Ransomware and E-Mail Blackmail | Dealing with Vishing and Smishing | Quiz

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