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Online course Compliance

Compliance, i.e. the observance of legal provisions and operational regulations while taking morals and ethics into account, is of great importance in every company. The conscious handling of compliance-relevant information as well as fair business methods protects employees from criminal prosecution and at the same time protects your company from damage to its image, turnover and possible share price losses. In this interactive course, your employees will learn how to behave in compliance with rules and laws and which regulations must be observed in areas such as antitrust law or corruption prevention. You can add your own content to this WBT, such as your company's code of conduct, and thus adapt it to your needs.

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Content online course Compliance

Definition | Responsibilities | Importance of Compliance for Companies | Compliance Management Systems in Companies | Legal Significance | International Standards | Compliance Culture | Compliance Policy | Code of Conduct | Anti-Corruption Compliance | Antitrust Compliance | Financial Market Compliance | Violations and Consequences | Whistleblowing / Whistleblower Platforms | Quiz

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